Bible Memory Plugin for Your Website

Embed your Bible memory verses as games, quizzes, and images into your church or homeschool website. Your visitors can engage in Bible memorization activities without leaving your web page.

Feature a Verse as a Bible Memory Game

In order to make a Scripture memory verse publicly available, add it to a public collection of verses (see Publish a Collection of Bible Scriptures). Then, search for your collection on Open the verse within your public collection in your web browser, click on the school study button of the flashcard in order to open the verse in study mode, and copy its link address from your browser’s address field, e.g.

Embed the following HTML snippet in your website’s HTML code, replace the link with your own link, and adjust the other settings if you like.

<h4>Practice this week's memory verse</h4>
    width="360" height="330"> 

The result of the code above looks like this:

Practice this week's memory verse

Your website visitors can start with the plugin’s memorization activities on your website right away.

Feature a Flashcard or a Collection of Verses

Instead of using the study link address as the source of the <iframe> tag, you can as well use a verse’s URL when it is in flashcard mode, or you can use the share link of a public collection of verses. Your users can interact with your Bible memory flashcard or your memory verse collection right on your website.

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