Grouping and Filtering by Labels

Selecting and deselecting labels allows you to hide, show, and filter verses as you please.

Quick filtering: Tap on a label in the menu on the right to display its verses exclusively. Press long on it to exclude to exclude it.

Create or Edit a Label

Select “Edit labels” from the main menu on the left in order to create, edit, or delete a label. Recently deleted labels can be restored online from the waste bin.

Attach Labels to Verses

Select one or multiple verses by tapping on their badge on the left or by pressing long on a verse. Tap on the label icon of the context menu on top. Check labels you want to attach to the selected verses, uncheck labels you want to remove from the selected verses, and tap the button to save the changes (disk icon).

Filter Verses by Label

The visibility of the verses grouped by labels is set in the labels’ drawer on the right (see above). You can change the state of the labels/groups by tapping or pressing on them. The icons have the following meanings:

  • Crossed out label: Verses with this label are always hidden.
  • Outlined label: Verses with this label are visible unless some labels are in exclusive mode.
  • Filled label: Verses with this label are visible, and all other verses are hidden.

Some automatic filters and filter settings are available:

  • Reviewed today: This filter filters verses reviewed today (depending on other filter settings)
  • All verses: Tapping this option changes the labels’ modes so that all verses are visible.
  • Unlabelled verses: Tapping this option changes the labels’ modes so that only unlabelled verses are visible.

Export Verses as File (CSV)

Open the additional menu on the right (three dots, mobile app only) and choose “Export to file”. This creates a new file in the CSV format with the currently displayed verses. You can share the exported file with other apps in order to store it or send it to someone else. CSV files can be opened with table calculation applications.

By choosing the option “Import from file” you can load verses from a file stored on your device.

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