1 - Translating App and Documentation

Help translate Remember Me and its documentation to your language.

Translating an Open Source Project

  • Create an account on gitlab.com (if you haven’t got an account yet) and fork the project from the develop branch.
  • Create the translated file or edit existing ones. You can create and edit files on gitlab.com directly.
  • Finally, create a merge request to the original develop branch, so a project maintainer can merge your work into the project.

Files to Translate

Remember Me consists of three projects. All three projects have files that need to be translated into the user’s language.


the client application (the “app”) that runs in a web browser or on a mobile device

  • en.jsonde.json
    e.g. “Verses.range”: “#1 to #2” → “Verses.range”: “#1 bis #2”
  • en_books.jsonde_books.json
    e.g. “qoh(elet)?”: [“ECC”, “Qohelet”] → “pr(e?d?|ediger)”: [“ECC”, “Prediger”]
    You can skip the first part if you are not familiar with Regex.
    The 3-letter code does not need translation.


the replication server that manages user access and verse accounts

  • access/django.po
    e.g. msgid “User Activation” → msgstr “Benutzeraktivierung”
  • main/django.po
    e.g. msgid “reference language” → msgstr “Stellenangaben-Sprache”


the app’s online documentation

  • the language configuration in config.toml
    e.g. languageName = “English” → languageName = “Deutsch”
  • the landing page
    Its content is also used for app store descriptions.
  • optional: everything else in content/en
    _index.md: e.g. title: “Five Steps to Remember” → title: “Fünf Schritte zur Erinnerung”

2 - Thank You for Your Donation!

Thank you for supporting the development and distribution of Remember Me! Your donation is a blessing and an encouragement to us. God bless you!